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High up in the Amatola mountains and surrounded by indigenous forests,  clear waterfalls and swirling mist the

magical, mystical little village of Hogsback soothes the spirit and rejuvenates the soul. The many hiking trails lead

the visitor into the pristine beauty of nature, the majestic old yellowwood tree, peace and tranquility

Hogsback, with its wonderful mountains, spectacular views, mystical forests, swirling mists, beautiful birds,

 butterflies and mushrooms, and its often glorious sunsets, has an air of enchantment and tranquility all of its own.

 Hogsback is the ideal holiday destination for nature lovers and is well known for its beautiful spring, summer and

 autumn gardens

 Latitude: -32.5833 (or 32 34' 60S)
Longitude: 26.9500 (or 26 56' 60E)


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